Keep Working Out or No Telly For You!

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Ok, this isn't brand new, but I can't help just throwing it in because it's just, well, so great. Are you lazy? Fat? Hate going to the gym? Well, the EnterTrainer heart-rate monitor is for you! Just strap it onto your chosen fitness device (stairmaster, treadmill, bike, lover, etc.) or just place it on the floor next to you when you exercise, and if your heart-rate dips below what it should be your TV volume goes down. It goes down people! That means you have to get up and turn it back up again! Bastards.

Video games and television are a common divider between parents and kids. Now the TV can actually bring parents and their children back together with The EnterTrainer . Faced with the losing battle of limiting childrens access to TV and entertainment, The EnterTrainer is used as a motivational tool enabling parents to offer a fun way for kids to enjoy their favorite pastime while getting the exercise their doctors recommend. Kids are excited to link their exercise performance with the reward of continued entertainment.

I never dreamed that exercise could be the solution to my kids watching too much TV! They love TheEnterTrainer almost as much as I do!


Now that's Entertrainment folks.

The perfect synergy of man and machine! [The Entertrainer]

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