Kerbal Space Program Now Lets You Turn Your Ships Into 3D-Printed Toys

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Kerbal Space Program, the space flight sim about sending millions of Kerbal astronauts to an early grave/advancing the space-faring dreams of the Kerbal nation, is now offering a wave of merchandise based on the game - a site which lets you upload your wildest Kerbal creations and turn them into 3D-printed models.


Squad, who develop KSP, have teamed up with the 3D-printing service Eucl3d to offer fans the chance to upload their designs of everything from spacecraft to rockets to space stations and satellites from the game to their website, which Eucl3d will then use to print a physical model for you to display like the proud Kerbal Engineer you are.

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There's a few limitations of course - you can only get models in 8", 10" and 12" sizes, some finnicky details like coupler lines, launch clamps and girders can't be printed due to their weakness, and due to technical limitations designs have to use zero parts from game mods (so only what has been officially added to Kerbal) - but otherwise anything you can build in the game can be turned into a toy. As long as it's structurally viable, you can get it printed. Even if you're unsure if your design can be done, you can upload it anyway and Eucl3d will get in touch to say what needs changing.

All they need now is some itty-bitty Kerbal astronauts to go with them in various states of panic or distress. After all, half the fun of KSP is sending them to their dooms in your incompetently designed, rocket powered metal space-coffins, right?

You can send your designs to Eucl3d here - an 8" replica costs $99, a 10" $140, and 12" a hefty $200.

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3D printing is what will transform a lot of things , but in this case, Toys. Imagine being able to 3d Print that classic toy you wish you still had or wish you could give you child.

I would love to 3D print my old "Starbird", a pretty darn cool modular spaceship from the late 1970s very early 1980s, toys. The base kit, a very nicely printed set of cardboard plates assembled to make an elevated landing areas and control tower. Makes me wonder why they don't do this now. Kids have more fun with the box than the toy in it. So make the box part of the fun. Just add modern electronics.

Make those little orange guys into real miniature action figures. First upgrade to a 3d Printed Starbird: add a real cockpit.

Also Big Trak, the awesome programmable tank, with the accessories. I only got the dump trailer, but also with modern electronics. I think there were more. Maybe control it from a smart phone.

The adventures I had as kid with these.

Print out action figures, even custom figures. Make yourself over as a Masters of the Universe figure.

Something Games Workshop will HATE... 3D Prints of their frankly overpriced figures and kits. You could buy a good 3D printed and printing medium, and knockout a 1500 point army for less than to buy it from a store. Of course, I'd love some 6-inch, to the top of their heads, Space marine poseable action figures. Still...

And naturally making action figures of your own design. Someone will make the software make cutting up a model and reassembling them as poseable figures much easier. If your good with a CAD program you can do that now.