Key Copying Vending Machines: For Burglars or Homeowners?

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but when I see a vending machine designed to easily duplicate keys, my immediate thought isn't, "Wow, that's convenient!" It's: "Wow, what an easy way to secretly duplicate someone's key without being seen doing it!"


I'm not completely against the idea, though. An automated system that removes human error is OK by me, having had to get keys re-cut a few months ago thanks to an idiot operator. And a touchscreen interface lets you breeze through the ordering process, selecting the type of keys you want, and skipping past the optional keychain tchotchkes you don't. After that you just stick your key in what looks like an ignition, and the duplicating process will be complete in just a minute.

Because they've gotten fairly complicated over the years for anti-theft purposes, the minuteKEY doesn't handle car keys, but those used for locks and doors shouldn't be a problem. And I guess I shouldn't let my paranoia get in the way of an obvious convenience, as long as I don't find these popping up in back alleys or sketchy parts of town. [minuteKEY via PSFK]



My first thought was duplicating keys that say "Do Not Duplicate"

Can't wait for the lawsuits