Keyfleas Don't Actually Bite While You Type

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A lot of things can bother you while you're trying to work, but what about things that you only perceive as nagging? In Keyfleas, little lights follow your fingers around a keyboard like a swarm of fleas, and can create the sensation that something is nipping at your fingers.


Developed by Miles Peyton at Carnegie Mellon, Keyfleas uses interactive projection to map the "fleas" and follow hand motions across the keyboard. Based on Chris Sugrue's light bugs, Keyfleas uses Processing and Box2D to coordinate and control the swarm around a user's fingers. Peyton may develop more detailed or responsive creatures for future iterations of the project. [Creative Applications]


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They have something similar but decidedly more fun at my local mall. Kids jump around on a mat-like screen and crush projected fruit. Make that abstract and shine it on an Apple keyboard and "hello academia!". I should have gone into whatever field this guy is in.