KeyGlove Flips Traditional Touch Typing the Bird

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There's this scene in Children of Men where a zombified kid is playing a game using a VR harness and an interactive glove. He's dead to the world and it's depressing. But it was science fiction, right? Not quite:

KeyGlove, seen here, is one-handed typing of the futuristic variety. Using a series of 34 sensors and an Arduino processor, the KeyGlove is somehow able to decipher letters and numbers, as well as move a cursor around the screen.

Designer Jeff Rowberg is still working out the kinks, and this is very much a prototype (isn't everything cool these days?), but this device, coupled with the very real Minority Report work being done at the MIT Media Lab, tells me our tuned out future isn't that far off.


Crack those knuckles and prepare. [KeyGlove via DVICE]