Kick Off Your Weekend With Lightsabers, Space Mountain, and Steve Jobs as FDR

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Your brain can melt trying to keep up with the endless torrent of video content on the web each day. That's why we are here to ease your fatigue with the best videos of the week. Enjoy!

How, When, and Why Moore's Law Will Finally Collapse

One day, Moore's Law will no longer hold true. This rule says computer power doubles every 18 months. But just how will it break down? And when? In the video above, theoretical physicist Michio Kaku explains that it will fall apart in about a decade, and tells just what might happen.

This Earblowing Space Shuttle Launch Video Will Reduce Your Brain to Rubble

If you never attended a shuttle launch, you must watch this perfect video. Watch it with good and big headphones. Or better yet, with an amazing sound system. In fact, this is the perfect video to test your audio setup with gigantic subwoofer.


Watch This Delightful, Colorful Animation of Cameras Past and Present

If your day has lacked color and joy up until now, perhaps this animation will brighten things up-especially if you are into cameras.

This Is What Happens When You Cross a Kinect With a DSLR

If you've ever wondered what a Kinect with DSLR image resolution might be like... well, you'll have to wait. But for now, this is the next best thing: called RGBDToolkit, it's a project designed to layer HD video over Kinect's depth maps. And it's pretty neat.


Oswald's Mill Audio: You've Never Heard Music Sound This Good

Walking into the showroom of Oswald's Mill Audio is like entering into another dimension where music is no longer what it was outside the walls of the airy Brooklyn loft. The sheer presence of the equipment in the room teases your senses in anticipation of the sound that's waiting to burst out.
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Steve Jobs Played FDR in 1984 and It's Impossibly Weird

We promise you, in the name of every religion, that this is the most bizarre thing you've have seen in a while: in 1984, Apple created this WWII-themed short film to inspire employees at a corporate retreat in Hawaii. Steve Jobs plays FDR. Steve Jobs plays FDR. Steve Jobs plays FDR.

What Would Happen If You Put Your Hand in the LHC's Beam?

A while back, Sixty Symbols asked a bunch of physicists what they thought would happen if you were to place your hand in the particle beam at the LHC and... none of them knew. Now they've done some digging, and found out.


The Viewtron Was AT&T's 1983 Solution For ‘Information Overload'

Information overload is not what it used to be. In 1983, magazines, television, and radio were apparently enough to make people lose their bearings. Well it's a good thing AT&T was there with a cure-The Viewtron!

Space Mountain Is Even More Impressive With the Lights On

The famed indoor roller coaster is among the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom but most riders never get the opportunity to see how it's put together because it runs in near-complete darkness. Until now, that is.



What the hell? Wicked Lasers has actually made a lightsaber. I mean, not one that can cut you in half, but one that looks and acts like the actual Jedi weapon! At least, that's what they claim.

Image: Shutterstock, user: Vlue