This Is What Happens When You Cross a Kinect With a DSLR

If you've ever wondered what a Kinect with DSLR image resolution might be like... well, you'll have to wait. But for now, this is the next best thing: called RGBDToolkit, it's a project designed to layer HD video over Kinect's depth maps. And it's pretty neat.


OK, so it's definitely not perfect yet, but what do you expect from a team of people strapping DSLRs to Kinects and waving them around?

The software—which you can get right here—allows a calibrated pair of Kinect and DSLR to capture HD video with 3D depth. Kind of. The results are trippy in places, ragged in others, and still require a heap of post-processing to come to life. But we all have to start somewhere—and right now, this is pretty cool. [RGBDToolkit]


Looks like the hologram from Minority Report :)