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What the hell? Wicked Lasers has actually made a lightsaber. I mean, not one that can cut you in half, but one that looks and acts like the actual Jedi weapon! At least, that's what they claim:

LaserSabers are energized by the light of Wicked Lasers, harnessing the power of the force. The LaserSaber features an ultra smooth magnetic gravity system that can "power up" and "power down" the blade.

The LaserSaber maintains its radiant brilliance even when the lights are on. The LaserSaber is interchangeable and will attach to any Spyder 3 model. The aircraft grade aluminum hilt ensures secure attachment of the blade. Due to the extreme powers of the Spyder 3, only operate while wearing LaserShades in a controlled environment.

The Lasersaber—that's how they call it to avoid any Lucasfilm lawsuits—is actually a 32-inch polycarbonate blade with an anodized aluminum base that attaches to a Spyder 3 laser. It has some kind of mechanism that makes the sword power on and off like the ones in the movie.

The effect is quite stunning. No other lightsaber toy I've seen lights up like this thing or can shine like the real thing on broad daylight. There's no comparison.


But this technological terror comes at a cost. They are available for $100 but you have to spend $300 more on the Spyder 3 laser.

Oh, and yes, we are getting one for testing and just playing like the Star Wars dorks we are. [Laser Saber]


Here's a great technical analysis by EnigmaticChemist, one of our readers:

You can get the Spyder 3 lasers in three variants, 250mW and 750mW or the 1W. The average standard laser pointer that you can purchase at any computer store for a presentation is likely to be around or under 5mW. Most toys, if they use a laser, will be in this power. I would believe some even use more primitive light sources.

The minimum S3 Spyder power output is still bright at roughly 68,000 meters. These lasers are also extremely visible in broad daylight on their target due to their intensity from the source. Meaning that in that barrel with the magnetic coating—it most likely acts as a reflection chamber—it is a continuous target. This attachment requires safety glasses, meaning its letting that wavelength of the laser escape out the "Blade" making it seem lit as it is.

So these Lasersabers should be brilliantly lit up even in a well lit room with CFL pumping out many wavelengths of light. And also you are still holding a high powered laser with a chamber attachment whilst swinging it around near people (also hopefully wearing wavelength blocking eyewear).