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Kid Breaks Vacuum to Play Xbox Instead of Doing Chores; Mom Sells Xbox, Pranks His MySpace

Illustration for article titled Kid Breaks Vacuum to Play Xbox Instead of Doing Chores; Mom Sells Xbox, Pranks His MySpace

A 13-year-old kid in Virginia has backtalked to his mom for the last time. When he was told to do his chores instead of play Xbox 360, he went and intentionally broke the vacuum cleaner to get out of it. What'd his mom do? Well, she's selling his Xbox and all his games on eBay. And that was before she found out he was surfing porn sites by checking out his browser's cookies.


We asked Beth, his mom, what happened, exactly, and here's what she had to say about what went down.

My 13 year old managed to break the vacuum....thinking it would release him from that duty. He also has a list of other chores that were TYPED up for him to do Friday thing on the list was done...mind you these are simple things...empty the trash, clean your room, etc. Then I go thru the cookies on his computer and find out he has been checking out porn sites. Now there is a password so he can't even get on and his my-space page has a picture of snoopy on it now. Apparently I'm the meanest mom in the world, were his words.

I'm a single mom. I can't let them walk over me or I might never get up.


Sorry kid, but we've gotta get behind your mom on this one. First of all, we're guessing she bought you that Xbox, unless you're the most enterprising 13-year-old ever, so you can deal with keeping your room tidy. Second of all, breaking the vacuum? That's weak. The porn sites thing, well, you should have been more careful about it if you have a mom who knows her way around a computer enough to check out your cookies. As for the Snoopy pic on your MySpace… well, that's pretty hilarious.

The score is now Beth - 1, her kid - 0. If you want to increase that score for Beth, go ahead and pick up a slightly used Xbox 360 for $250 and all of his games for $15 each, with bitterness from a 13-year-old coming along with them free of charge. [UPDATE: You guys killed Craigslist! Check out the new auction on eBay]

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@SigmundTheSeaMonster: Or just let him make mistakes, and then give him an old fashioned teachin.

The point of parenthood is not to insulate your children from objectionable material, it's to condition them to understand how society will react to them. If you just never show your kid porn, the first time he sees it as an 18 year old, he'll freak out his friends by talking about it.

If you let him look at it and then punish him for it, he realizes it's a taboo subject and deals with it like everyone else: still does it, but hides his tracks.

As a parent, thats all you're looking for.