In addition to the well-observed slices of LARPer life, what's great about this movie is the way it remains so gentle and light, despite tackling a story that could get pretty dark. I'm not talking about the demon, whose bloody escapades are a zany tip of the hat to other horror comedies like Evil Dead. I mean the social rivalries between the gamers, which are realistically pointed; we also discover that some of the characters have problems a lot more dire than a mean ex-girlfriend. There's a hint of sadness at the edges of the story, much the way there is in Fanboys, another fine geek flick with a troubled distribution history. But we never fall down the rabbit hole into emo territory – we just wind up feeling like we've met real people, who are coping with real life in the best way they can.


I said earlier that I thought this movie would play best to people in geek subcultures, but honestly I think it's made for anyone with sympathy for outsiders. This is one of those genuinely good-natured comedies that sticks with you, like an old friend. Oh and also — did I mention the musical numbers? Yeah. You can watch the movie on VOD starting on February 11.