Knock-Off Neck Massager Soothes and Tears Your Hair Out

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You probably don't need another reason to avoid buying cheap knock-off electronics on the street or eBay. But in case you were tempted by a surprisingly sweet deal on a neck massager, here's an important PSA to stay clear of them.


This poor elderly Chinese woman from the country's Sichuan province thought she was going to spend her evening enjoying a relaxing neck massage from one of those handheld machines. Instead, it ended up pulling in her long locks and tangling them so tightly in the massager's mechanisms that the fire department had to be called to dismantle it before she could be freed.

Not only does it look like she lost quite a handful of hair in the process, but having to call the fire department for something other than a fire is guaranteed to get you on the evening news. Which is a pretty sad way to cash in your fifteen minutes of fame. [NEWSSC via M.I.C. Gadget]

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This reminds me of another great invention.