Kohjinsha SA1F00V: 7" tablet UMPC Adds Touchscreen, Still as Slow as Before

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Kohjinsha has added touch capabilities to the 7" 800 x 480 screen on its Japan-only SA1F00 UMPC tablet computer, letting you massage your way through Windows XP Home even when it's running as slow as Keanu Reeves putting frozen Heinz Ketchup on a bullet-time burger.


That's because rather than jumping on the Ultra Mobile 2007 platform bandwagon with their new model, they just decided to keep the same 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800 processor. At least they painted it KITT black, probably hoping that the new color will add some TurboBoost to it (replacing XP for Linux would have achieved the same without the need for leather pants). In fact, all the specs remain the same, with 40GB HD, 2 USB 2.0 ports, SD, MMC and Compact Flash slots, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR. All except the extra 30 grams that push its fighting weight up to 990 grams (2.18 pounds). One pic of the white model, its release dates and prices are after the jump.

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The Kohjinsha SA1F00W also has the same features, and both are priced at $840 (this goes up to around $1100 for the 100GB hard drive.) Only the Japanese will get their digits over this on the 3rd of May, so add some extra import dollars if you are planning to get one using Dynamism and the rest of the usual suspects.

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i want this. i am a disabled single mother and college student. carrying around a honkin huge laptop on campus just is not worth the effort, nor the extra pain meds.

the touch screen? why? really? was it needed that badly? methinks it's bs. but on the plus side, means the non touch screen versions will go down in price and next fall? i shall snag me one!! *crossing fingers* truly i want one of these so bad i can taste it!! i could fit this in my purse! this is why i even bothered getting an NEC 790 the weight & ability to have my kids at the park an let em run like banshee's while i get classwork done. dammit, these lil doohickies are FUN!! good conversation starters, and hey..they WORK!! only problem with the 790 was that ..you had to sinq it with a regular windows machine. not very practical but all i could get my hands on at the time. the kohjinsha's are a GODSEND!! all the campus stuff is done with ms and windows machines. i really need this..did i mention i want one of these REALLY badly?

gonna damn well be drooling all summer and into the fall till my student aid comes through and i can snap one of these 100gb hd/1gb mem. mugs up!

and hey, when in the screen only mode? there are controls so why bother with a touch screen? go figure. though gotta say using my fingernail on the 790 screen is fun. :D i will be using a travel optic mouse with the kohjinsha why would i need a touchscreen? *shrug*

ah well Cheers!