Kojinsha's New E8 Is Tablet Competitor for EEE PC

Illustration for article titled Kojinsha's New E8 Is Tablet Competitor for EEE PC

Clearly aiming for the same market as the EEE PC, Kojinsha's new E8 UMPC has the added bonus of being a touchscreen tablet. It does, however, beat me how the Korean-made E8 is being labelled by some as a UMPC—it looks more like a sub-notebook to me.


The E8 runs Windows XP, has an AMD Geode LX800 CPU under the hood along with a 40GB hard drive, and its seven inch screen has 1024 x 600-pixel resolution. It's also got stereo speakers, a single USB port, memory card slot (we don't know what sort) and apparently 3.5 hours of battery life. Sounding like quite a competitor for the little Asus, the E8 is available Februrary 29th for about $600. [Aving.net]



Besides the price drop it looks like the same thing that's been available for about a year or so from conix or dynamism. I think it's called a UMPC because when you flip the screen around it's about the same size as a standard UMPC. just a bit bigger, but it's still pretty small.