Kota the Triceratops Is Amazing, Eats Deep-Fried Pleos for Breakfast

I'm in awe with Kota The Triceratops Dinosaur, a $300 fully articulated 40-inch-long robot in the shape of a real-sized baby triceratops that, according to Playskool, any kid can ride. Yes. Full size. Baby. Triceratops. Riding. Robot. Really, this thing looks so cool that makes the Pleo look like a bag of bricks.

Playskool says that Kota has sensors in eleven parts of his body that react to the touch and trigger different motions—including some cute horny action—and sounds. They say that the thing will even munch on special leafs, Cookie Monster style. Seriously, this is one of those toys which makes me want to have a three-year-old body rather than just a three-year-old brain. Expect a full butts-on and horny tickling this weekend, live from New York's Toy Fair 2008. [Playskool]



@Lupison: "4) Parent notices the kid on the box is not wearing protective gear." — Ah, but the defense is that the kid in the photo is riding the dino in a featureless white zone of nothingness where falling results in striking nothing. Thus, it is the parent's fault for not following the example closely enough.