The KRE-O building toys are Hasbro’s answer to Lego, but with retro properties like G.I. Joe and Transformers at their disposal, they’re even more effective at luring in nostalgia seekers. So following up on last year’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Class of 1984 set of KREON figures, Hasbro is returning to SDCC this year with a new Class of 1985 version featuring characters introduced in the second season of the Transformers cartoon.

The 30 bots in the new set include Transformer fan favorites like Grimlock, completely out of scale versions of Devastator and Omega Supreme, Jetfire, and Astrotrain. And like last year’s 1984 version, the Class of 1985 all come in a cool ‘80s-era yearbook-looking box which includes accessories appropriate to every character. In case you were worried, Jetfire does come with his signature boosters.

And like last year’s Transformers Class of 1984, the KREON Class of 1985 will first be available as a $60 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive either at, or at booth #3329 at the convention. Once SDCC 2015 is over a limited number of the sets will be made available online to be shipped to wherever you live, but with Grimlock joining the ranks, they’ll probably sell out online just as quickly as they will at the show.

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