KUKU Alarm Clock Creates Nuisance Situation, Wakes You Up

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Not that any of us would ever use such a thing, but here's the KUKU alarm clock from LeFutur, another one of those strange early-morning torture devices (similar to the puzzle clock) that requires you to perform some mundane task in order to rouse yourself from the depths of slumber.


At your pre-designated time, this annoying little thing starts making an odd crowing noise while laying five tiny eggs into a basket next to it. It's not going to stop making that racket until you put the five eggs back into its little receptacle on top. If one of those little eggs falls off the table and rolls under the bed, never to be seen again, well, we wouldn't blame you for smashing this oddly-colored little clock into tiny little pieces. It s $29.95.

Product page [via Popgadget]