L.A. and Chicago Are Up Next for Google Fiber

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Just a day after AT&T announced that it’s bringing gigabit fiber internet to the L.A. metro area, Google has announced that it’s exploring L.A. and Chicago as the next possible locations for the expansion of its Fiber network.

Google Fiber is currently available in some form or another in 18 metro areas, although only Salt Lake and Kansas City have been thoroughly fibered so far. The announcement today doesn’t mean L.A. and Chicago are definitely getting Fiber service, just that Google is going to start working with the local government to see if that’s something the city wants, and will help facilitate. Top tip for town mayors out there: gigabit-connected voters are happy voters.

[Google Fiber]

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I think they’ve given up on Austin (not really; but AT&T is really making this a slow process). I expect to get mine sometime in the next 3 years.??