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LaCie's New Rugged Thunderbolt Drive Has an Integrated Cord

Illustration for article titled LaCies New Rugged Thunderbolt Drive Has an Integrated Cord

If you were a filmmaker who spent a lot of time on the road, LaCie's new rugged Thunderbolt drive would be on your wishlist. It's wrapped up in a neat little IP-54-rated water- and drop-resistant package, with the cord already attached. And it's about as fast as they come.


LaCie claims the USB 3.0 drive will give you transfer speeds of up to 387MB a second. At that rate, you should be able to move 100GB of video and photo content over in less than five minutes. You can also drop it from a mountain, given that mountain is only two meters tall and be sure your stuff will still be safe. It's dressed in a resilient, albeit loud, orange jacket, and it goes on sale in 1TB for $220 and 2TB for $300 capacities in mid-June. In early July, LaCie is also putting out 250GB and 550GB SSD versions for $300 and $500. This is the kind of drive you'd imagine someone like our pal Casey Neistat taking on the road with him.

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"... doesn't need a cord."

Crap, I thought it was wireless. Of course it needs a cord, it's just built in to the case. It doesn't need a separate cord.