The Wildly Functional Studio of Video Wizard Casey Neistat: Part III

For the final leg of our tour, Neistat brings us into his studio within a studio, where work and play collide. From a old-timey fire extinguisher, to a foldaway speed-bag, the miscellany extends from floor to ceiling, reflecting the same personality that comes across in Neistat’s movies.


This is part three of a three-part video series taking you inside the studio of Casey Neistat. You can watch part one and part two here.

It looks cluttered, but upon closer inspection, it’s a well-oiled machine: Neistat has dozens of cameras, batteries, wires, and other devices, organized and at-the-ready, an arsenal of his unique brand of filmmaking.

To catch up on our tour, check out Part I and Part II.


Nothing to See Here!

I was really hoping he'd talk more about his computer, specifically his dock and a bit about his editing workflow.

I want to know if his dock is as organised as the rest of his studio. We always see him making things for the movie...but never see him actually making the movie!

Nevertheless, great series, I'm a huge fan of Neistat, he's a big idol to me, I enjoy [almost] all of his videos! At least 90% of them.