Lake Placid 3, Now With Baby Raptor Crocs

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Giant crocodiles will never ever die, and while I've yet to see my anaconda versus giant crocodile showdown, at least we're getting Lake Placid 3, which is shooting in Bulgaria with Eureka's Sheriff Carter.

In an interview with the press about the new season of Eureka, local law man Colin Ferguson spilled the beans about a very exciting up and coming Syfy Movie — eat it Vipers, the crocs are back.

When asked what he was doing filming in Bulgaria, Ferguson explained. And mentioned that he's actually directing a separate Syfy Channel movie as well:

I'm acting in Lake Placid 3. I didn't actually care for Lake Placid 2, I saw it. But the script for 3 actually has some fun stuff. I mean I know what it is, I know what I'm making. The one I'm directing, I believe the working title is Fossil. [EDITOR'S NOTE: I heard this wrong, the correct name is Fossil. And we're very excited to see it].


What killer alligator questions are still left open from Lake Placid 1 and 2?

Well let me tell you. What I actually thought was interesting was they've got the massive croc and then they have these little raptor crocs, that sort of run in doorways and everything. So they've got the massive one and the little guys working in unison.


Is it good fun?

Yes it is. The production team has been fantastic, it will be fun.

When is it going to air?

Who knows? I don't know what their turn-around is, it could be anywhere from 2 months going on 6.


As for his directorial debut, "I believe it's a flying Tyrannosaurus Rex attacking Oregon." SOLD.

It's good to have the Lake Placid legacy restored to greatness.