LAN Cordless DUALphone Does it All: VoIP, Internet, Land Lines

The LAN Cordless DUALphone does triple duty, letting you make conventional cordless phone calls, talk on Skype and check your e-mail all in one handset that has a color display. It's good for eight hours of talk and 240 hours of standby on a charge, and will be available for providers and carriers after the end of CeBIT.

Exactly what Internet content you can bring into this unit depends on which carrier supplies the phone to you; it doesn't look like you'll be able to just pick up one of these phones on your own and access the Internet with it. On-screen information that you could be able to access (for a price, no doubt) would be news, e-mail, stock market data, weather forecasts, traffic reports and sports results.


We'd like it a lot better if you could just plug the thing into your router without any
from bloodsucking service providers.

LAN Cordless DUALphone offers the best of both worlds [

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