Lance Armstrong's $15,000 Bike Helmet

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First, Giro Helmets spent $15,000 to build a lifelike replica of Lance Armstrong. Only then did they start to develop his helmet. Hundreds of prototypes and wind tunnel tests later, they ended up with the most aerodynamic helmet ever.


As tough as real Lance Armstrong is, testing out helmets in wind tunnels can't be any fun. Plus, he's sort of busy being an inspiration to people everywhere. That's why model Lance was created, so Giro could test out hundreds of different models and blast the hell out of them without real Lance ever being there. One concept stood out:

[A concept] that has a short tail that tucks in the area between Armstrong's scapulae. With a head-on wind, it's slightly faster than Giro's previous models, but in any crosswind condition, it's considerably faster –- about 20 to 30 grams less drag. Also, the rider is able to move more easily with the helmet on.

I guess Lance is bound to win another Tour de France with that helmet. I mean, he can move more easily with the helmet on! But more seriously, what do they do with model Lance now? [Wired]