Land Gets Lost At Box Office

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2009's summer movie season has its first outright flop, as Land Of The Lost's first day suggests a weekend debut tally around $10 million lower than what the studio claimed it "needed" to succeed. Sorry, Will Ferrell.


Lost made just $7.2 million in its first day, leading many to predict an opening weekend somewhere around $20 million (Placing it third, behind The Hangover and Up, holding up well in its second weekend). But, as Nikki Finke points out, that's not good enough for Universal, the studio behind the movie:

Universal told me its expensive Land Of The Lost needed to debut with at least $30M for the studio not to sweat. It's now officially one of the first turkeys of the summer. (Because aren't dinosaurs related to birds?)

Despite winning Annalee over, the movie was generally badly received by critics, with only a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

'Hangover' has a good night at boxoffice [Hollywood Reporter]



Done properly, a new 'Land of the Lost' franchise probably could've been the next 'Jurassic Park'...unfortunately, the filmmakers took the easy, lazy and obvious route: making fun of the original (...and hiring a comedian whose belligerently defensive shtick became tired several movies ago certainly didn't help).

Seriously, the original may've been a cheap, children's series...but it was also often a surprisingly intelligent, cheap, children's series (like how the Sleestak, for example, devolved from a technologically advanced race into a bunch of primitive, superstitious nitwits) that was written by the likes of Ben Bova, D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold, Larry Niven, Norman Spinrad and Theodore Sturgeon.

If Hollywood can respect a cartoon that was basically just a glorified commercial for a pre-existing line of toys ('Transformers'), then why couldn't it also have shown some respect to 'Land of the Lost'?