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Donald Glover's Lando May Return In His Own Star Wars Movie

The Solo: A Star Wars Story star was thought to be making a Disney+ series, but now it's a movie.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Donald Glover’s Lando may be getting am ovie instead of a series.
Donald Glover’s Lando may be getting am ovie instead of a series.
Image: Lucasfilm

Sorry, Lando, I’m going to have to disagree with you here. This news is getting better all the time. Weeks after it was revealed that Donald Glover and his brother Stephen had taken over the previously announced Lando Disney+ show from Justin Simien, now it seems it won’t be a show at all. It’ll be a movie.

Stephen Glover revealed the switch while appearing on the Pablo Torre Finds Out podcast, which was later confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter. However, as one might expect, the project is on hold due to the current writers’ and actors’ strikes.


When the news of the Glovers taking over broke in July, it had already been official internally for a while. The news just hadn’t leaked to the public yet. So it’s unclear if the Glovers started working on the project as a series, and changed it to a movie, or if it was a movie in the first place. There’s also no guarantee this happens at all. More Star Wars movies than you can count have been in various stages of development in the past several years and only a very small few have made it to the big screen.

But if there’s a prequel that is begging for the big screen, Lando is it, right? Especially if it’s written by the Glovers, best known for Atlanta, with Donald to star. It’s the perfect place to maybe wrap up a few of the loose ends left by Solo: A Star Wars Story while also giving more scope and context to everyone’s favorite gambler/scoundrel/leader/general.


What do you think about this news? Is a Lando movie better than a Disney+ show? Will this movie ever actually happen? And why wasn’t it one of the film projects announced at Celebration earlier this year? Much to discuss below.

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