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LapDeck: No Table, No Problem (If You're Filthy Rich)

Illustration for article titled LapDeck: No Table, No Problem (If Youre Filthy Rich)

Seeing as Forza 2 just came out, we bet a lot of you have been pulling your wireless 360 steering wheels out of retirement. In comes LapDesk, a nice little device that lets you secure a steering wheel to your legs.


Using only a piece of wood, a strap and a glass shelf. That way you coffee table-less gamers can still join in on the steering wheel goodness.

Now readers how much would you pay for such an amazing piece of equipment like this? $50, $100, $150? Those offers just insult the LapDeck, it's creators are asking for £175 ($350 US) and then there's a six week waiting list.


Here's a suggestion, take $50, walk over to IKEA and buy a coffee table right now. That way you can use your wheel immediately, save $300 and you get an actual table.

Product Page [LapDeck via Coolest Gadets]

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Fold out coffee table works best. Or they have these "As seen on TV!" white adjustable TV trays that work perfectly.