Largest iOS Jailbreak App Stores Become One After Cydia Acquires Rock

Jailbreak iOS app store Cydia has acquired fellow jailbreaking app store Rock, and will now begin the process of folding all Rock app store users and apps into the Cydia system.

According to ModMyi, the acquisition comes after several month of negotiations between Jay Freeman of Cydia and Rock owner Mario Ciabarra. The deal was officially signed sometime last night.


Eventually, all Rock users will be asked to create a Cydia login if they wish to continue buying apps. All existing Rock apps will be merged with Cydia "as soon as possible."

Ciabarra will stay on board with Cydia in a developer role, which is reportedly the role he prefers. [ModMyi via TUAW]



I remember when jailbreaking was an expression of freedom. Y'know, when actual useful apps were free.

Instead now it's all "pay this pay that" between the three competing app stores.

/That "bluetooth on/off" app isn't worth $1.

//Just ask for donations. Don't make me pay for an emulator that USED to be free a year back.