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Laser-Cut, RFID-Equipped Paper Radios Tell Your Speakers What to Play

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Designer Matt Brown created these sweet-looking laser-cut paper radios with a twist: They're equipped with RFID chips that can interact with a speaker to broadcast messages or change the radio to a pre-decided station.

Basically, you can program certain controls or sounds into the paper radio. Say you're an artist who wants to bring attention to a local college radio station—you program that into the RFID chip, and then when the paper radio is draped on any speaker equipped with an RFID reader, it'll change the station to the one you picked. Or you can have it broadcast short messages; Matt suggests a particular environmentalist star of 30 Rock might program in warnings to turn off your lights when not in use. It's a very particular usage, but the radios themselves look so cool that we don't really care if they're 100% practical. [MocoLoco]