Last Chance To Enter Our Pet/Gadget Photo Competition

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It's your last chance to enter our Fuzzy Wuzzy Modo Pet & Gadget photo contest: any entries received after 12 midnight PST on the 2nd of January will be used to line the litter trays of orphan kittens. So send us your photos of pets and gadgets right now, or they'll end up covered in cat poo. Ellie sent us this picture of her baby spotted python helping her play Final Fantasy XII. I suspect that she may want to upgrade to a PS3 or she may find herself mysteriously crushed one night. Entry details after the jump!

To enter, post your photo on flickr or some other photo hosting service, and email the url to by midnight PST on the 2nd of January.

And while you're taking photos of your pets and gadgets, think of animals less fortunate than your own: by clicking on the link below, you can donate to Solano County Friends of Animals, a rescue group in the San Francisco bay area that works with homeless pets. That way, you'll feel less guilty about all of that expensive crap you bought for Christmas when there are starving animals in the world.

Last Chance To Enter Our Pet/Gadget Photo Competition

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