Last Night's Originals Finale Actually Got Me Teary-Eyed

Not only that, but it was a pretty intense hour of television, with a lot of twisty plotting that paid off. On a night that also saw the superlative Person of Interest finale and the quite good Agents of SHIELD finale, this still stood out as something pretty special.


I love the fact that Klaus is finally forced to recognize quite how badly he's screwed everything up — Haley is apparently dead, his baby is about to be sacrificed by evil witches, and he's got no hope of saving the day. Not to mention Klaus doesn't even know that his psycho dad is back from the dead and Marcel is on his way to unleash a weapon of a thousand cuts onto Klaus.

All of this, because Klaus could not stop with the scheming and the power-madness for one minute. He could have kept Marcel as a friend, he could have avoided giving away the store to those witches who want to kill his baby, and he could have avoided empowering the wolves who've weakened him with their moonstone spell. But he can't resist pushing, over and over again.

What saves Klaus and his baby is partly Haley's transformation (and this show dropped in the idea that Haley's baby could turn wolves into hybrids a long, long time ago) but also the strength of his unconventional family. When the chips are down, his "son" Marcel does the noble thing and saves the baby. And the scene where Klaus and Marcel make their peace is really lovely. Also, Klaus finally understands what it means to have someone else whose needs put before your own.

Of course, baby Hope gets sent away, not getting to know her real parents and possibly continuing the cycle of neglected babies growing up rotten (unless Rebekah really turns over a new leaf.) And both of Klaus' psycho parents are back now — so next year should be interesting.

All in all, this spin-off has grown, in just one year, into one of the most distinctive shows on network TV.



Anyone else think that equation/diagram Coulson was carving on the wall has something to do with the Power Cosmic, and therefore a foreshadowing of Captain Marvel/ Ms. Marvel? If GotG does well, I have a feeling the second season of SHIELD may introduce SWORD and Abigail Brand and have the team focus on alien threats. I can imagine the SHIELD team stumbling on a covert Kree incursion and then Brand gets involved cuminating with 'Agent Coulson, welcome to the Peak', cue pull back of massive orbital space station...