Lazy Treasure Hunters Will Love This Remote Control Metal Detector

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The only thing better than getting rich by finding treasure is not having to put much effort into your windfall. So why waste an afternoon walking along a beach with a metal detector in hand when you could instead lounge on a blanket and drive this one around with a remote control?

The deep tread on the car’s over-sized tires ensures it won’t get stuck in dirt or sand. And when it does detect metal buried beneath, the RC car’s LED lights will flash and an audible alarm will sound so you can run over and start digging for your treasure.

Before your expedition gets under way you’ll need to stock up on four AAA batteries plus a 9-volt for the remote control—and that’s on top of your $80 investment in the toy itself. But before you complain about that being too expensive, remember, this thing doesn’t cost money, it makes money. As long as you can spare 60-70 hours every week to get out there and hunt. [Hammacher Schlemmer]


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