Leaked AT&T Android Phone Looks Unexpectedly Like a Crappier Motorola Cliq

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These leaks supposedly show AT&T's very first Android phone, either called Backflip or Enzo. Aside from the odd backwards hinge, it looks mostly like a smaller, crappier Cliq—not exactly what we expected, given their stance on Android.


This phone is smaller than the Cliq, with only a 3.1-inch, 320x480 resolution, a 528MHz Qualcomm proc, and 512MB of ROM and 256MB of RAM. It'll bring the expected array of connections (Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth), along with the same Blur brand of Android initiated by the Cliq, but those specs are pretty standard—downright unimpressive, really. The only interesting part is the unusual keyboard, which flips out backwards so the keyboard is exposed even when the handset is closed. That keyboard, by the way, is a full QWERTY with what appears to be an optical trackpad.


AT&T is the last of the major carriers to bring an Android phone to market, and if this is indeed their first one, we've got to admit to being puzzled. Each of the other carriers' first Android phones were the top of the line at the time (G1 on T-Mobile, HTC Hero on Sprint, and Droid on Verizon), so we're really wondering why AT&T would launch Android with such a, well, lackluster-looking device. Of course, this is all total speculation, so we'll reserve judgment, but it's definitely something to ponder. [Phandroid via Electronista]

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I'm A Different Bird

This thing is just all-around bad design, form- and function-wise.

Seriously, why leave the keyboard open in the back like that? It just invites damage without adding any functionality over a slider model.