Leaked BlackBerry OS 6.0 Screenshots Show Widgets Aplenty

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This is it. This is the moment us BlackBerry users have been waiting for. After countless Android, Symbian and Windows Phone 7 OS leaks, our time has come. This could be the turning point—BlackBerry OS 6.0.


From what we can garner from the disappointingly low-res screenshots is that OS 6.0 could be using widgets for the homescreen, just like Android. A highly-customizable homescreen that could feature the weather, breaking news, ESPN updates or anything you deem important enough to place there. Sure, the arty photo of a peacock feather or tidalpool that you chose from BlackBerry's wallpaper gallery might not have a place in the next version of RIM's wares, but I'd take widgets any day of the week.

The origins of these leaked screens is not known, with BBLeaks stating they "come highly regarded as real from one our best connects," but reassuringly they're very similar to the mock-up seen in a RIM developers presentation a few weeks back. We did hear only last month however that work had only just started on OS 6.0, with OS 5.2 slated for launch this year—which may dampen your enthusiasm over this screenshots. [BBLeaks via CrackBerry via Engadget]

Update: Boy Genius says that these shots might just be renders, made by RIM, for their MWC presentation a few weeks back. Not exactly fake, but not exactly real either.


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