Illustration for article titled LEAKED, Electric Meets Diesel in Opel E-Flex

We shouldn't know about the cars of the future yet, and let me be the first to say, I'm sorry they don't fly. But the Opel E-Flex is a European concept of the Chevy Volt unleaded/electric hybrid. Other than its propensity to drink more wine and go "on holiday," the Opel will use a 1.3lt turbo diesel engine to recharge the car's lithium ion batteries when they run out.


Like the Volt's unleaded offerings, the Opel E-Flex diesel engine is not a motor at all, but a backup power generator for the electricity-driven car. Let's just swap out that diesel engine for a nuclear reactor, and we're in business. Hit up Jalopnik for more photos. [jalopnik and carscoop]

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