LEAKED, Electric Meets Diesel in Opel E-Flex

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We shouldn't know about the cars of the future yet, and let me be the first to say, I'm sorry they don't fly. But the Opel E-Flex is a European concept of the Chevy Volt unleaded/electric hybrid. Other than its propensity to drink more wine and go "on holiday," the Opel will use a 1.3lt turbo diesel engine to recharge the car's lithium ion batteries when they run out.


Like the Volt's unleaded offerings, the Opel E-Flex diesel engine is not a motor at all, but a backup power generator for the electricity-driven car. Let's just swap out that diesel engine for a nuclear reactor, and we're in business. Hit up Jalopnik for more photos. [jalopnik and carscoop]



Another reason this is better than the Volt is that modern diesels burn cleaner, can run biodiesel on the fly (though the smell of french fries can cause the munchies), and the fact that European turbodiesels are generally made to increase fuel efficiency, as opposed to pointless racing power our turbos are made for in America.