Leaked HTC T8290 Has Touch HD Resolution, WiMax, Sharp Corners

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These images of a new HTC handset from Nedge2k reveal a surprising addition to the Taiwanese company's line: a half Touch HD, half Touch Diamond handset for which WiMax — of all things — is the most salient feature. Such a product might not make sense in most places, but Russia already has more than 20 million people soaking in their WiMax networks and other compatible phones in the pipeline.


You can see from the screens that the connection speed is over 13Mbps, and the front camera indicates (predictable) 3G capabilities to complement just about every other type of connection a phone could have. With the relative newness of America's WiMax infrastructure it's unlikely that we'll see this phone here, but it would be an awfully good way to atone for depriving us of our Touch HD. [Nedge2k via Modaco via Slashphone]