Leaked Microsoft Roadmap Shows IE 10 Will Probably Launch Soon

A copy of a Microsoft roadmap has been leaked online, showing what's in store for some key products, most notably, that an Internet Explorer 10 launch could be imminent.

A screenshot of the document was posted on Twitter by Maarten Visser, the CEO of Microsoft cohort Meetroo. The document, dated Dec. 22, 2011, was not password protected and was handed out by Redmond to some partners late last year.

Among other key findings are that Office 15 seems to be scheduled for an early 2013 release.

There is vague reference to a possible Windows Phone event at the end of 2012, though whether this applies to Tango updates for the Mango OS or Apollo, the Windows Phone 8 platform, is unclear. [Maarten Visser via ZDNet]

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