Leaked Photo of Supposed (New and Slim) Xbox 360 Motherboard

Our brothers in the know at Kotaku have got their hands on what is alleged to be the motherboard for a new Xbox 360. If their gamble plays out, it could be the smallest Xbox yet.


The image comes via China, so it's not known just how authentic the cries of "IT'S A NEW XBOOOOOX" are, but of note is the fact that the CPU and GPU looks to be combined in the same chip.

When you think about it, the coming year is going to have a lot of light cast on the Xbox brand—from the Natal launch later this year, to the Xbox compatibility with Windows Phone 7 Series, and even the advent of 3D gaming. It may've been a while since we've heard about rumored Xbox 560s or 720s, but this November the Xbox turns five. It's about time for a refresh, don't you think? [A9VG via Kotaku]

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