LED Roses Never Wilt

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My biggest problem with giving the females in my life roses is the fact that they are dead within a week (the roses, not the ladies). It could be a metaphor for the relationship, but this year I will one-up those silly girls and buy them some roses that can't be killed. The LED roses bring a rainbow of colors to any room. And as a reminder, Mother's Day is a little over a week away, so you better get ordering. A set of four LED roses will set you back $20.

Product Page [Via Uber-review]

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Folks, those LED roses are cute, but if you haven't seen the Sun Brothers glass sculptures, you haven't seen anything!

Solar powered leaves recharge batteries that allow the roses to pulse in different patterns into the evening.

Support some local Oakland artists and get your Mother a beautiful gift. My mother still cherishes the rose I got her 10 years ago or more.