For a former police drone, the titular robo-hero of CHAPPiE sure has a cutesy design. I mean look a the little flappy ears and everything! Recreating it in Lego as Eric Tsai did only makes him look even cuter.

Header Image Credit: Eric Tsai. All images credited as such unless otherwise stated.


Tsai recently posted a few pictures of his Chappie build on Flickr, and it's quite possible the most adorable (fictional) member of law enforcement I've ever seen.

Tsai does a grand job of capturing the visual expressiveness of the character, even without the emotive 'eyes' playing out on the little LED-screen on his face. It makes for not just a great Lego model, but all the articulation - everything from individual finger joints to even extra joints in his heels - means it's basically the closest you can get to a blocky Chappie action figure too.


Not gonna lie, I kind of want a few of them to pose on my desk. You can check out plenty more of Tsai's lego creations (including some wonderful chibi Gundam mobile suits) on his flickr account.

[via The Brothers Brick]

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