That Lego message from the '70s confirmed real!

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The above image and tweet have circulated the internet. Though the message is sweet and still holds true today, there were immediate questions to its authenticity. It seemed to be included in a line of Lego doll house products distributed in 1974. Lego has now confirmed that this insert is real.

Emma Owen from Lego UK told TechDigest:

The text remains relevant to this day – our focus has always been, and remains to bring creative play experiences to all children in the world, based on the Lego brick and the Lego system – ultimately enabling children to build and create whatever they can imagine.

This is visible today across the entire product range from the Lego Group – every Lego product is based on the Lego system and this creative building experience.


There is also a scan of a German version of the same catalog here. The translation is pretty similar in message.

Whether boy or girl, LEGO sets no limits to the imagination.

A girl builds a spaceship. A boy plays with the doll's house; because a dollhouse is human. Playing with a spaceship, however, is more interesting and exciting.

But the important thing is that you get the right match material in the hands. Only then you can feel free to create and play.


Translation from i09

I love this message and it still seems to be the case. Though there is definitive marketing towards girls or boys, they don't always choose the products that marketing thinks they will. Kids have amazing imaginations and they can express them easily in Lego. In 1974 it was the greatest toy in the box and it still is today, boy or girl, doll house and spaceship.