LEGO Hamster Lift Might Actually Be More Cruel Than the Wheel

I've never decided if the hamster wheel is a cruel or kind invention. On one hand, it keeps the otherwise inert hamster in shape. On the other, that hamster getting nowhere quickly. This LEGO elevator leaves me, again, floating in moral ambiguity. One one hand, it's LEGO and a convenient elevator. On the other...well, just watch the clip. Poor little guy. [via Neatorama]

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@bbfreak: I freak out about picking up dead critters to dispose of, so basically, yes. If they stay outside my home, I do not bother them.

@frigg: Unintended, but funny. It was the pressure of trying to be politcally correct and not mention it, but I just couldnt stop myself. If I could find the really funny .wav file I have about a hampster named Armeggedon and a practice called fulching, I would post that as well, so long as I am being politcally incorrect.