'Lego' R/C BlockCar: A Knockoff You Can't Help But Love

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108 bricks. 4 wheels. 2 taillights. Questionable plastics that are sure to contain countless carcinogens. Yes, the BlockCar looks to be a fantastic toy.

While not an official Lego product, the BlockCar offers the same general idea. You carefully stack bricks onto a motorized platform, crafting the multicolored car of your deepest imagination. Admire it for a few moments. Then smash it at full speed against the wall to watch your work crumble. (Repeat as necessary.)


I really wish the BlockCar were an official, Lego-compatible add-on because a 4-wheel R/C platform (with taillights!) could make pretty much any Lego creation that much more menacing. Luckily, it's a pretty attainable one-off at $22. [Strapya World via technabob]