Lego Weapons: Realistic Enough to Hold Up a Liquor Store

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You can create just about anything with Legos, but now we direct your attention to a subset of the Lego-building posse: These guys make guns. The one pictured on the left could even be kinda dangerous, shooting what its maker calls "very strong rubber bands," albeit one at a time.


Rather than functionality, the BrickGun Desert Eagle on the right goes for realism, and yes, it's made of 288 genuine Lego parts. It's BrickGun's biggest handgun model yet, and it looks close enough to the real thing to fool a convenience store clerk. Remarkable. It's $55 for the parts and instructions.

Rubber Eagle [K's cluttered loft]

Desert Eagle [BrickGun]

Thanks, Nate!


When I was a young'n toy guns of any description were perfectly legal. Then people started jacking up stores with cap guns, so they made them put orange pug in the barrel. Which every kid promptly pulled out.

Then some 8 year old pulled a toy gun on a cop and got himself deaded up, and now it's illegal to sell toy guns that resemble real guns at all. What fun is it quoting Dirty Harry when you've got something that looks like a bright green and orange sex toy in your hand?

Hmm.. on second hand, I retract that last bit.

Anyway, I'm sure you could legally buy a bag of black Legos, and download a PDF of the instructions for turning those into a replica. (Cue Sntach reference.)