We've featured Jon Lazar's excellent customised Lego Friends Dolls before, but he's back, and it's not just Superheroines getting the treatment this time - a veritable gamut of Pop culture heroes have been turned into the Friends Dolls.

It's always cool to see people customise their own heroes out of the standard lego style, but there's something awesome about the way Lego fans have taken the Doll figure - which Lego themselves have only used for their Friends and Disney Princess lines so far - and turned them into something beyond just the stereotypically 'girly' toys they've currently been used as. Plus, it goes to show that the Doll figure can be used for so many more licenses than just Friends. God knows why Lego hasn't branched it out, it seems like a great way to get the audience who are already super-into friends stuff into other properties Lego own. Check out a few of Lazar's customs below, but you can see much more over at his Flickr gallery.

[via The Brothers Brick]

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