Lego's New UCS TIE Fighter Looks Amazing

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There have been many Lego TIE Fighters over the years, but none quite like this: behold, the Ultimate Collectors Series TIE Fighter, unveiled at New York Toy Fair!

Not only is this new TIE the most intricate that Lego have released - I guess it's quite hard to make such a simple design look that exciting, but they've done a great job with the texture of the wing panels and the actual cockpit itself - it's also easily the biggest, at a whopping 18.5" high and 12.2" wide, with just under 1,700 pieces. That's a hell of a lot of grey and black.

Illustration for article titled Lego's New UCS TIE Fighter Looks Amazing

As simple as it is, there's not much else to it - the hatch to the cockpit opens, and the display stand comes with a bunch of in-unverse information about the Empire's favourite spacefighter, and of course, there's a little TIE pilot figure to pose next to it. The cockpit's probably a wee bit too big for the poor chap! You can check out the model in detail in this designer video from Lego below:

The UCS TIE Fighter is due out in May, and will set all good citizens of the Empire back $200.

The year of Star Wars merch is in full effect at Toy Fair - stay tuned to io9 and Toybox over the weekend for all the coolest toys and gadgets coming out of the show!

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The cockpit section doesn't look spherical enough to me. Other than that they've done a really nice job.