Lenovo IdeaPad U260 Has A 12.5-inch Screen And Is Less Than An Inch Thick

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The ultraportable Lenovo IdeaPad U260 is set to release November 15th (this Monday) for $895. It's under an inch thin and Lenovo is calling it the first laptop to have a 12.5-inch display with an HD 16:9 screen.

Lenovo is using a single piece design made of magnesium-aluminum alloy for the first time, and the U260 clocks in at only 3 pounds. Lenovo is also pimping out luxury features like a leather palm rest and glass touchpad for the U260.


Users can configure the U260 with a Core i3 or i5, hook it up with up to 320GB of HDD storage space and max it out at 4GB of RAM. Comes in Mocha Brown or Clementine Orange. [Lenovo]