Lenovo Installs Adware With Latest Automatic Update

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A recent automatic update from Lenovo contains adware that subjects users to irremovable pop-up ads that advertise various accessories contained in the Lenovo website.

The ads pop up about once an hour, seemingly without regard to what other programs may be running, which sucks if you're in the middle of a presentation. Users have so far been unable to find a way to completely disable the various messages (the check box with "do not show this message again" doesn't always work). While the ThinkPad line has continued to be well engineered from a hardware standpoint, the packaged Thinkvantage software has gotten progressively worse with each new version. Utilities that were once useful, such as the back-up tool, have become bloated and dysfunctional. Hopefully Lenovo will take heed of customer complaints and discontinue the ads with the next update. [Slashdot]