Lenovo X60t Reviewed: Tough as a Tablet Can Get

It's not often you'll see a Tablet PC get the royal treatment, but that's precisely what the folks over at Notebook Review did to welcome the much-anticipated
Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC. Weighing in at 3.8 pounds, the 12-incher can be fitted with Core Duo or Core Solo processors. It's got three flavors of wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an optional embedded WWAN card), and despite being a Tablet seems pretty solid thanks to its sturdy pivoting action and rugged casing. So what was Notebook Review's verdict? Click ahead for a run through.

In their very lengthy dissertation (which includes 5 videos) Notebook Review's Andrew Baxter gushes over the new Tablet. Among the things he praises are the system's new 2.5-inch drive (which now runs at 7,200rpm) and the Tablet's 5-hour battery life (which was achieved using an 8 cell battery). Baxter also demos the Tablet's MultiTouch feature, which lets you use the your digits as an input device. The idea of giving your laptop the finger may seem inviting, but as Baxter points out, using the pen is much easier. Another cool feature is Active Rotate, which automatically rotates the screen so that it's never misaligned when the Tablet is moved.


A couple of things to note. The $1,700 X60 has no built-in optical drive and the mono speaker is located on the bottom of the Tablet, which I'm sure will make for some nice muffled audio. So despite the solid show, our stance on Tablets remains the same, but should we ever call for one, this is where we'd put our money.

Lenovo ThinkPad X60t [via Notebook Review]

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