Lenovo's Entire New ThinkPad Line Leaked, X300 Gets Siblings

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A few months back, we broke news on Lenovo's ultra-thin, ultra-functional X300 laptop. Now we've gotten an update on what the company's been up to during the interim. All of their lines are seeing a major refresh, but the biggest news is that starting this September, the famous X300 will have a family.

Soon joined by the 12-inch X200, the 14.1-inch X400 and the 15.4-inch X500 (all armed with 45nm Penryn processors), customers will be able to pick the precise display size of their choice on one of the most lust-worthy laptops on the market. The X-Series will also feature HSDPA and EVDO, 25% improved battery life, beefy 6MB L2 cache and lots of fanboy drool.


Here's the rest on Lenovo's new ThinkPad line-up:

R-Series (refreshed)

This line will continue representing the entry level. We're light on specs, but we know it will include the R400 (5.1lbs) and R500 (6.4lbs). Expect these to be refreshed in July 2008.

T-Series (refreshed)

This line will continue to represent the mid-range, featuring 256 or 512MB ATI HD3650 discreet graphics that can be turned off to conserve battery life. We don't have sizes, but the T400 will weight 4.3lbs and the T500 will clock in at 5.8lbs. Shipping starts June 3rd, 2008.

W-Series (brand new)

The W-Series is a completely new line. Where the "W" used to stand for "Widescreen," now it stands for "workstation replacement." Described to us as less bulky than similar machines from Dell, the 15-inch W900 will feature the same discreet graphics as the T-Series. A 17-inch version is in the works for the future.


And here's the good stuff:

Many or All Models Will Have:

• 6MB of L2 cache

• Turbo Memory option (think Ready Boost, up to 2GB)

• Blu-ray drive option

• Two PCI Express Slots

• 1.6GHz DDR3 RAM

• LED Backlighting (excludes R Series)

• HSDPA and EVDO (Lenovo claims to have no deals with Sprint)

• 9 cell batteries (same form factor as former 6-cell, 25% more life)

• GPS, WiMAX, and wireless USB are scattered through models

• The x300's solid state hard drive option (excludes W)


Lenovo is starting new ThinkPad manufacturing in May so that there are plenty of units to fuel demand. And from the sound of it, some of the X300's most appealing features are making their way to the entire ThinkPad line. We're just wondering what the pricing will look like between the X200 and X300. Will we be paying a premium for size or for screen space?

Thanks Odd Job!