Leopard Introduction Movie Shows Time Machine Theme

Leopard is getting closer to launch, and apparently the last-minute touches are starting to trickle out from the Mothership. This looks like its new Welcome movie, centered around the Time Machine theme.

In Tiger, Mac OS X's previous version, the central theme was its most touted feature: Spotlight. The movie then showed a beam of light picking out the word Welcome in different languages. Here, the Welcomes appear scattered as the camera travels through space.


It may not be authentic, but given the production quality and Time Machine theme, our gut feeling is that this is the Real Thing

. [9Rules via New Launches]

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Anyway... I'm still hoping for some major UI tweaks in Leopard. OS X is beginning to feel a bit dated to me. I'm not saying Aero Glass is hot : but I do like the transparency a bit.

And Dash : no, this does not happen every time you start a Mac. Geeez.