Leopard Loses iPhone Note Syncing

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David over at Ars points out that Apple's removed references to the iPhone inside the 300 new features page under their Mac OS X section. Where before you could see a section detailing how Notes would sync from your iPhone into Mail.app's Notes, now you just get a small description of what Mail's Notes can do. No iPhone in sight. Was this removed because it's not in the final, released version of Leopard as we pointed out in the liveblog? It seems that way. Though, if it's a feature that they were working on, you can pretty much bet that it'll make its way into your computer sooner or later. [Ars Technica]



@gotsmart: The address book and calendar are central resources, and there aren't really any "alternatives" for them. I know many people who prefer programs like Thunderbird to Mail and would still like to have access to the calendar and address book without running yet another mail client. Maybe a joined address book and calendar ("Datebook") would make sense?

I agree with the sentiment, though. There are too many apps, and iTunes as the sync engine is strange (iSync made a lot more sense, though then you have yet another app). This is obviously the result of supporting the Windows world.